If change is inevitable, then rather than waiting for change, forward-looking companies must lead the change. In finance and accounting, we know that data analytics, combined with audit automation and process mining is predicted to usher in the age of the 4th industrial revolution. There is also an underlying trend for firms to offer a more disintermediated form of “Software as a Service” which can result in new revenue streams.

Firms that do not take heed of this will fall behind. All these changes mean that firms have to continually develop new approaches to remain competitive. The excuse of making do with less resources is no longer sustainable.

Our portfolio of courses and free webinars has been designed to help accountancy and finance professionals to rethink traditional audit and accountancy products. In short, repurposing audit to include a new service offering can create greater loyalty among your existing customers. At Brain Value, we can help you achieve this.


Our ability to successfully navigate an increasingly complex world is a constant challenge. Drowned in a sea of data, time-poor finance and accounting professionals also have to juggle competing demands to stay afloat. 

These pressures create stress, distort our thinking and diminish sound decision-making. In recent years, the new field of Behavioural Finance has begun to systematically study such biases and how they affect financial judgements. In this interactive program, you will learn about cognitive biases, spot corporate communication cues that influence our impression and apply new technologies, including AI, to correct such biases.  

Your learning journey with Brain Value Education starts with an introductory course called, “Debunking myths: Improving decisions through behavioural science” followed by the foundation course, “Behavioural finance & impression management”. Then you can complete a series of specialisations, focussing on specific issues modern professionals are facing.

Ultimately, our courses will equip you with practical skills and knowledge that will help your decision making and future-proof your career in the 21st century. All courses can be done individually based on your personal preferences.

DEBUNKING MYTHS: IMPROVING DECISIONS THROUGH BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCEYou will learn why biases are so common and some effective ways to address them. This course will drill down to what artificial intelligence and big data can do, shifting your thinking in a new way. CPD: Up to 10 hours.Read moreBEHAVIOURAL FINANCE AND IMPRESSION MANAGEMENTYou will learn the latest trends in behavioural accounting and finance, drawing on neuroscience and international research. This course will provide a behavioural framework and tools to make you a better professional. CPD: Up to 20 hours.Read moreDETECTING LYING AND DECEPTIONThe design of this interactive course equips you with the knowledge to detect tell-tale signs about deceits and raises some red flags in your mind that you should follow up. The course will provide some tools and techniques in dealing with a variety of deceptions, including the application of AI technologies to warn of deception. CPD: Up to 5 hours.Read moreIMPRESSION MANAGEMENT FOR PROFESSIONALS AND CONSULTANTSYou will learn storytelling techniques and how to use body language, gestures, and supporting props to quickly build rapport with your audience. This course will help you to create lasting impressions. CPD: Up to 10 hours.Read moreWORK-STRESS AND THE BRAINIn this course, you will learn how your brain is responding to stress factors and ways to reduce these. Drawing on research in mindfulness, neurosciences and positive psychology, this interactive course will help you to transform feeling stressed into feeling confident, resilient, in control and energised. CPD: Up to 5 hours.Read moreNEGOTIATION IN PROFESSIONAL SETTINGS REIMAGINEDThis course will expose you to the latest knowledge of negotiation tactics, including the application of non-verbal cues to help win your case. Using data collected from VR technologies, you will understand your natural negotiation style attached to your personality. CPD: Up to 5 hours.Read moreBIG DATA AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: COMPUTATIONAL AND AI INNOVATIONS IN PROFESSIONAL SETTINGSThis course will show you how big data and AI can turn information into business intelligence. CPD: Up to 5 hours.Read more


We also develop in-house educational or training services for companies in various industries. The learning can take place online or in larger groups in seminars, workshops, and lectures. 

Our training strives to give participants an immersive experience using case studies, virtual reality, and team exercises so that they will get the best value in accelerating their learning.

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