We negotiate all the time, whether we are buying a car or trying to secure a long term contract. Yet some of us are better in this ancient art than others, partly because of our personality and partly because of our negotiation style. This course focuses on uncovering the mysteries of negotiations that can help sales, marketing, finance and accounting professionals working as individuals or within groups.

Using data collected from VR technologies, you will have a deeper appreciation of how emotions during human interactions can affect negotiation. But more importantly, you will understand your natural negotiation style attached to your personality, and to what extent this could be an advantage or a disadvantage, especially in an online environment.

Designed for professionals, this course will expose you to latest knowledge of negotiation tactics, including the application of non-verbal cues to help win your case. The course will show how to apply models of negotiations generated from big data, combined with VR and biometric technologies including the use of simulations, to deepen your understanding of how to be successful in negotiations. Finally, you will gain insights into behavioural biases when invoking data, presentations and imagery during the use of artefacts to support a negotiation.

This course includes the following 2 sessions:

Basics of negotiations

Negotiation and behavioural styles

Understanding your context and personality

Mastering negotiations

Using big data for your advantage

Simulations using VR and biometric data

This course will be delivered by our expert team in various cities.

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