By 2027, a quarter of the Fortune 20 companies is expected to be supplanted by
companies that neuromine and influence subconscious behaviour at scale.

Given the importance of neuromining, we are thrilled to present the two-day Brain Value Conference Series: Neuromining for finance, accountancy and marketing on the 1st and 2nd of December, 2022.

This online conference will help attendees understand and obtain actionable behavioural insights in how cutting-edge methodologies and technologies of neuromining can be applied to influence human behaviour subconsciously at scale.

All participants will benefit from:

Eight keynote presentations provided by industry professionals and neuromining experts. Each session will include an opportunity for live Q&A with the speaker.

The ability to network with other professionals throughout the conference. Share your ideas and discuss innovations for your business.

Interact with our sponsors. Learn about cutting-edge technologies that may help your business.

OnDemand viewing. Even if you can’t attend every session live, you will be able to view each presentation on your own whenever you choose.   

Conference sponsors  

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