As forward-thinking leaders, it is important for you to understand how Big Data and AI will affect your business, and how you can take advantage of it. Big data is now leading to a new generation of professionals everyone from data scientists to marketers and auditors and financial analysts.

Companies that do not take this trend seriously will be lagged behind.  This is because the explosion of big data is not only from online social media, websites, internet of things, mobile devices but increasingly from biosensors capturing human emotions. This includes eye movements, brain waves, and facial expressions. As an example of this brave new world we are entering, analysis of adverbs and pronouns of consumers on social media communications can yield insights into deception, gender and psychological state of the person. 

Designed for professionals, this course will expose you to latest knowledge in how Big Data and AI can turn information into business intelligence. Combining knowledge from the fields of finance, accounting, marketing, economics, sociology, psychology and computer science, you will develop holistic view of what AI is, and how it can be usefully applied in professional settings. This course will dive into the newly emerging field of computational behaviour and show that by building predictive AI models using a multitude of variables, one’s beliefs about human behaviour can be challenged, and discover new ways of influencing consumers. 

This course includes the following 2 sessions:

Basics of big data and AI

Big behavioural data

Tools and techniques for capturing big data

Application of big data and AI

Finance and accountancy

HR, marketing, and strategy

This course will be delivered online by our expert team.

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