Financial decisions are not always made rationally.

Our emotions, perception, reasoning, and  how others react to us can subtly bias our judgments. Biased judgments have major impact on how we interpret financial information and which investments to buy.

You will learn the latest trends in behavioural accounting and finance, drawing on neuroscience and behavioural research. This course will enrich your learning by providing hands-on  exercises, using real company data, contemporary case studies, and technology demonstrations. We also provide a behavioural framework and tools to make you a better professional and ultimately improve your image.

Designed for professionals, this course will increase your understanding of behavioural biases and forms the cornerstone of your journey towards becoming a specialist in behavioural accounting and finance.

This course is split over 2 days and includes the following topics:

Day 1: Human behaviour and professional judgments

Human players in behavioual finance

Professional judgments and accounting standards

Variables influencing professional judgments such as gender, culture, mood and work experience

Accounting standards interpretation across countries

Unpacking and visualising human behaviour

Impression management and storytelling in corporate communication

Day 2: Biases in interpreting financial information

Importance of big data

Homo economicus and non-rationality

Memory processes, judgments and decision-making framework

System 1 vs System 2 thinking

Communication biases and heuristics

Improving financial decision making

This course will be delivered by our expert team in various cities. 

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