The primary application of Business Intelligence is the creation of insights from combining traditional financial information with operational non-financial big data sources using dashboards and visualisations. Inevitably, the found insights comprising a data story along with other information feeds into decision-making.

Decision makers are often blindsided without realising cognitive biases arising from the user, system interactions and human judgements driven from the data story insights. This results in significant flawed decision making leading to costly errors or in some cases a stalling of the suggested actions.

We offer research and consulting services helping you to innovate your processes, products or services.


We help firms in their end-to-end scoping of issues, to generate insights and accelerate innovation. This brings a freshness to your business processes with a focus on understanding human and cognitive behaviours using a variety of biometric methodologies. These include advanced technologies to examine visual attention and individual perception, emotional valence, emotional arousal, stress levels, and attentional, cognitive, emotional processing and learning. 


This service assesses the effectiveness of your online and offline corporate communications. You will receive feedback, detailing how your communication is externally perceived. This will allow you to establish a path forward for improvements. 


Using behavioural data, we develop AI technologies to transform business processes. This will improve the next generation of your service delivery. No matter whether the application is in finance, marketing or communication, human-centric AI will resonate better with your customers. 

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